Action 5 – Interoperability in a Digital Health Framework

Aim – This action aims to provide digital health solutions to achieve interoperability at the level of the Catalan health system and with informal care (social care, wellness, self-management, etc.) and with biomedical research based on existing platforms and initiatives. The main aims of the action are:
  • Deployment of an empowerment tool for self-management in the informal care environment (Action 2) that should be articulated with the Personal Health folder (La Meva Salut).
  • Deployment of an open platform for Adaptive Case Management articulated with current clinical workstations (SAP, eCAP) using existing initiatives (IPA - innovation Processes of the HCB, and IS3).
  • Elaboration of a road map for the articulation of biomedical research with clinical activity.
Background – The current regional (Catalan) digital health framework is composed of the following main components (also illustrated in the figure below):
  • The Catalan health information exchange system (i.e. WiFiS) leads the integration of basic highly standardized processes, namely: medical appointments, clinical data exchange, medical referral, etc., among healthcare providers with heterogeneous proprietary systems (moreover, it could also perform sectorial message routing and message delivery control).
  • The shared electronic health record (i.e., HC3) of Catalonia is a single system of medical records shared between different actors. The HC3 allows to: i) display information about socio-demographic data of the citizen, documents or reports, prescriptions and immunization plus a summary screen with the most recent and relevant references; ii) provide direct messaging between professionals to facilitate their cooperation; iii) add at a later date (with ad hoc rules) clinical data provided by the private health sector or the proper citizen.
  • The Personal Health Folder (i.e., Cat@Salut LMS) of Catalonia is linked to HC3, and provides citizens with an access point to information about their health insurance. Cat@Salut LMS can also act as the citizen entry point for some of the supported processes (e.g. Medical appointments) and for informal health data sources (e.g. mobile health applications, community medical devices, etc.) via the APPsalut approach (