Action 4 - Transfer of specialized diagnostic tools to primary care: forced spirometry as use case

Aim – This action addresses high quality forced spirometry (FS) for diagnosis and management of chronic respiratory conditions in primary care. The main aim is regional deployment the five pivotal components of a collaborative FS program in Catalonia. This is:​
  • ​Enhanced automatic FS quality assessment;Accessibility to standardized (and quality-labelled) FS testing across healthcare tiers;
  • Generation of an individual FS report including historical information of lung function;
  • Data analytics allowing longitudinal assessment of lung function changes with relevant implications in future personalised patient management; and,
  • Accessibility to the FS report and access to off-line remote support by specialized professionals. 
Background – The FS program (Vargas, et al., NPJPCRM. 2016 26, 16024) emerges from a series of studies reporting on articulated applications covering unmet needs for collaborative FS testing. The studies were initiated within the EU project NEXES and specific parts of the overall setting have already been successfully evaluated in the Basque Country. The FS program has been designed as part of the regional deployment of integrated care services in Catalonia. It consists of the two lines of activity ultimately aiming at (i) regional adoption of the FS program and (ii) generalization of the approach to other areas, as well as to other testing procedures.