Integrated Care and Systems Medicine' group

The InCaSyM, lead by Dr. Josep Roca focuses on Individualized health-risk-assessment & patient stratification, Wellness and prehabilitation programs before surgery, Adaptive case management of complex chronic patients, Early diagnosis of chronic diseases in primary care and Digital health developments to support the deployment of the related innovation lines.
Type of research: Basic, Clinical, Epidemiology, Pre-clinical, Translational / Team’ expertise:
  • Deployment of Integrated Care Services for chronic patients supported by Information and Communication Technologies (ICS_ICT).
  • Modeling techniques (deterministic and network medicine) in translational research and transfer to healthcare through clinical decision support systems (CDSS) and patient decision support systems (PDSS).
  • Workforce preparation – International educational programs fostering convergence between predictive medicine and integrated care.
  • Management of collaborative research, including IPR, legal and financial coordination.


Prof. Dr. Josep Roca is Professor of Medicine at the University of Barcelona, coordinator of Innovation at the Institut Clinic del Tòrax (ICT), Hospital Clínic (Barcelona), Coordinator of BioHealth Computing Erasmus Mundus in Barcelona and senior researcher at IDIBAPS. Author of more than 220 original articles in peer-reviewed journals and several book chapters, review articles and books. His two main fields of interest are Chronic diseases: integrated care, systems medicine, predictive medicine, information and communication technologies (ICT); and, O2 pathway – cell bioenergetics relationships: biological mechanisms and impact at system level, non-invasive assessment, exercise, rehabilitation and wellness. Dr.Roca has been coordinator of several EU projects and is currently member of the ACT consortium – Advancing Coordinated Care and Telehealth .

Erik Baltaxe is a medical doctor specialized in Internal Medicine (2013) and Pulmonary diseases (2015). Currently, he is a Fellow at the Sleep lab an non-invasive ventilation unit at Hospital Clinic (Barcelona) and a pre-doctoral student at the University of Barcelona (SELFIE, NEXCARE and CONNECARE H2020 projects). Previously he held the position of senior physician in the Internal Medicine department and the Pulmonary Diseases Institute both at the Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer (Israel). His main areas of interest are COPD and non-invasive ventilation in chronic complex patients.

Dr. Anael Barberan-Garcia, PhD  in Medicine and Translational Research (2017). Ten years of experience in research in the field of exercise physiology, surgical pre-habilitation, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and the use of information and communication technologies to support innovative healthcare services. Author of several articles published in scientific peer-reviewed journals. Co-investigator in different European and national projects fostering the scalability of integrated care services for chronic patients.

Dr. Felip Burgos, MsC in Respiratory medicine, PhD, is a Senior Researcher of IDIBAPS and Associated Professor at the UB. He has worked at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona in the Respiratory Diagnostic Center where he participated in R&D initiatives and several European projects on integrated care and telemedicine through contribution on reference values and standardization of lung function methodology. Dr. Burgos research interests are lung function, eHealth, COPD, spirometry and exercise Physiology. He is a regular member of the ERS-ATS Pulmonary Function Standards Committee and former Chairman of the "Respiratory measurements and technology" Scientific Group of the European Respiratory Society (ERS). Dr. Burgos has published over 90 original manuscripts, editorials, book chapters and reviews with a total of 13.000 citations and h index of 29.  

Dr. Isaac Cano, BSc in Computer Science and MSc in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. PhD from the University of Barcelona (2014). He is now applying predictive analytics and machine learning in the context of Systems Medicine and Bioinformatics in IDIBAPS. Isaac actively worked in the computational modelling and knowledge management workforce of the Synergy-COPD European project, in the ICT infrastructure of two European pilot studies for the deployment of integrated care for chronic conditions (Nexes  and Renewing Health) and participates in several Spanish research projects. Dr. Cano currently leads ICT aspects in the H2020 projects SELFIE and CONNECARE, and the regional project RIS3Cat NEXTCARE.

Dr. Carme Hernández, PhD, MSc, RN, FERS, is the coordinator of the Integrated Care Unit under the Medical and Nursing Administration Council, Hospital Clinic. Dr. Hernández has authored more than 40 articles, reviews and editorials, over 15 book chapters and guidelines, and she has participated in several European projects.  Currently she is a collaborator of the EU H2020 projects SELFIE and CONNECARE, and the regional project RIS3Cat NEXTCARE. Her research lines focus on integrated chronic care models, patient stratification and complex patients.

Dr. Marta Cascante Marta is Professor of Biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Barcelona. Her work focuses on the research and the study of cancer and metabolic diseases and the development of tools for the analysis of the control and regulation of biochemical systems with biotechnological or biomedical purpose. She promotes the internationalization of the research that is done in Catalonia in this field. She advises the European Commission on the priorities in the area of health research and innovation program and is an active member of various international groups working in the field of biology and medicine of systems. He has published more than 200 scientific articles.

Dr. Elena Gimeno-Santos has a diploma in Physiotherapy, degree in Psychology, a Master's Degree in Respiratory Medicine and a PhD in Biomedicine (2014). She is involved both at the clinical level and in research projects related to the evaluation of exercise capacity, pulmonary rehabilitation and promotion of physical activity in patients with both acute and chronic respiratory diseases. Elena is member of the Respiratory Physiotherapy Area of the Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery (SEPAR). In addition to her research activity in IDIBAPS, Elena is associated professor in the faculty of Health Sciences at the Universitat Ramon Llull.

Carmen Herranz is a specialized nurse working in CAPSBE (Consortium of primary health care of Barcelona) where she acts as Research Coordinator. She is graduated in Clinical Psychology by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Master’s Degree in Public Health by the Universitat de Barcelona. She has participated in several studies and European projects linked to her areas of expertise: the integrated care models for multi-morbidity and telehealth services.

Dr. Graciela Martínez-Palli, Md-PhD of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Barcelona, is a senior consultant, Head of the Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Pain Treatment Department of the Hospital Clinic. From 2015, she leads the Prehabilitation Program. This initiative started through several studies on the impact of prehabilitation in high-risk patients undergoing elective major surgeries. As per result of evidences generated, a successful two years pilot was implemented at the Unit. From 2017, her current work focuses on the application of the program towards a mainstream prehabilitation service, the creation of a roadmap for regional deployment of the service and the monitoring of a long-term cost-efficacy system. Dr. Martínez-Palli has authored more than 60 peer-reviewed papers.

Maria Sánchez , Project Manager, holds a diploma in Science of the Education and a Master in Integrated Project Management at UB. She has been operational manager in a 45-people research group at UPF and financial coordinator of the 17M€ FP6 project @aneurIST. Later, she collaborated with the data centre of the IFAE, the Barcelona Digital’s PMO, the Institute for Global Health and the Institute Guttmann where she has been responsible of the legal, financial and administrative coordination of European projects including a MSCA ITN Action and Federal Funds (USA). She joined IDIBAPS in 2018 for a specialized contribution to Dr. Roca’ team on reporting, financial and legal management aspects as wells as, communication issues, consortia and partners, donors and funding institutions.


SELFIE - Sustainable intEgrated care modeLs for multi-morbidity: delivery, FInancing and performance (H2020-PHC-2014, RIA) GA nº 634288 / 2015-2019SELFIE aims to improve patient-centred care for patients with multi-morbidity by proposing evidence-based, economically sustainable integrated chronic care (ICC) models that stimulate cooperation across health and social care sectors and are supported by appropriate financing/payment schemes. SELFIE specifically focuses on multi-morbidity, on generating empirical evidence of the impact of ICC and on financing/payment schemes. It is methodologically innovative by applying Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis. Project total budget: 5.470.000€

CONNECARE - Personalised Connected Care for Complex Chronic Patients (H2020-PHC-2015, RIA) GA nº 689802 / 2016-2019CONNECARE will provide decision support for the adaptive management of personalised clinical pathways and will deliver tools to monitor patients’ activities and status, thus empowering them and providing them with recommendations to self-manage their condition, resulting in substantial improvements in their quality of life. Project total budget: 4.960.000€

ACT@Scale - Advancing Care Coordination and Telehealth deployment at Scale, (HP-PJ-2015, 3HP) GA nº 709770 / 2016-2019ACT@Scale will develop, test and consolidate “best practice” Care Coordination and Telehealth concepts that can be leveraged by the participating healthcare regions to expedite scaling-up their services, but also   transferred to other regions through Europe and beyond.  Project total budget: 3.450.000€

KONFIDO - Secure and Trusted Paradigm for Interoperable eHealth Services (H2020-DS-SCI-2016) GA nº 727528 / 2016-2019KONFIDO advances the state of the art of eHealth technology with respect to four key dimensions of digital security, namely: data preservation, data access and modification, data exchange, and interoperability and compliance, by addressing the challenges of secure storage and exchange of eHealth data, protection and control over personal data, and security of health related data gathered by mobile devices.  Project total budget: 5.000.000€

NEXTCARE – Personalized healthcare delivery for chronic patients within the eHealth frame (Catalan Innovation Agency, ACC1Ó) agreement nº COMRDI15-1-0016 / 2016-2019NEXTCARE is an innovation project belonging to the Healthcare Ris3Cat community lead by Biocat, the Catalan Agency promoting healthcare and life sciences sector in the country. The project focuses on integrated care services for chronic patients with a personalized medicine foundation and has 3 main objectives: (i) regional deployment of services; (ii) Catalan test-bed for international leadership as 4-star EIP-AHA reference site; (iii) transfer and exploitation of new products and services which generate return value to the strategic healthcare Ris3Cat sector. Project total budget: 1.640.000€

PAPRIKA - Patient empowerment for major surgery preparation @home (EIT Health) agreement nº 19365 / 2019-2021 - PAPRIKA program is a technologically enabled solution that reduces the complications during and after surgery by preparing the patients in three major axis: physical activity, nutrition and psychological aspects. Also it offers follow up protocols after surgical interventions. Our solution saves surgery costs per patient heavily. We offer a complete solution to be used at medical centres around Europe. Project total budget: 2.635.000€

PITES-TIiSS – Plataforma de Innovación en Telemedicina y e-Salud: TIC para los retos de I+i en servicios de salud (FIS-ISCarlos III) agreement nº PI15-00576 / 3,5 years duration 2016-2019PITES-TIiSS develops a technological collaborative and predictive solution based on applications, smart devices and decision support systems for the different providers involved in the chain of care in the home hospitalization. Project total budget: 44.770€

Smart-PITES – Modelos predictivos para el soporte a la gestión de casos en un marco de salud digital (FIS–ISCarlos III) agreement nº PI18-00841 / 3 years project 2019-2021Smart-PiTES focuses on enhanced health risk assessment of patients to support collaborative adaptive care management (ACM) in the clinical scenario. Smart PITES focuses on two main use cases: a) Home hospitalization and transitional care; and, b) Perisurgical care. Project total budget: 92.565€

  • Dr. Ákos Tényi, BSc 2011 in Computer Engineering, MSc 2013 in BioHealth Computing and MSc 2014 in Biomedical Engineering . PhD in Medicine and Translational research in the University of Barcelona (2018). His main research interests included COPD non-pulmonary manifestations, multimorbidity burden of chronic diseases, bioinformatics and systems medicine, predictive modeling and epidemiology. He participated in the EU projects Synergy-COPD, CONNECARE and the RIS3Cat initiative NEXTCARE. Period of collaboration in the Lab: 2014-2018 (doctorate)
  • Joana Roncero, MsC, PhD in Science (2000) and MBI of the UPC (2012). She has been responsible for administrative support and financial management to research activities of the Research Group from 2017 to early 2018. Current appointment: Senior Researcher in the Business Division of Sustainable Construction at Tecnalia Research and Innovation (Bilbao).
  • Mirjam Hillenius was responsible for administrative support and financial management to research activities of the Research Group. She has been directly involved in around 20 EU projects, four of which coordinated. She also gave support to educational activities at the University of Barcelona (Erasmus Mundus BioHealth Computing, Master of Clinical Research). Current appointment: Project Manager at MyDocumenta (Barcelona). Period of collaboration in the Lab: 1995-2017
  • Dr. Ivan Dueñas, Md, MsC in Public health at the UPF, PhD at the UB (2015). His work focused in the scale-up of integrated care for chronic patients in Europe. Current appointment: Full professor at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (Ecuador). Period of collaboration in the Lab: 2013-2015
  • Dr. Diego A. Rodríguez, Md Pneumologist. Current appointment: IMIM Hospital del Mar and Professor at the Blaquerna Universitat Ramon Llull.
  • Dr. Claudia Vargas, Md Pneumologist, MsC in BioHealth Computing at the UGA-UB, PhD in Respiratory care at the UB. Current appointment: Researcher at the Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias, INER Research unit (Mexico). Period of collaboration in the Lab: 2011-2013
  • Dr. Phillip A. Muñoz, Diplomed on Pathology in Medicine at the UB, MsC in Respiratory Medicine at UB. Current appointments: Senior Scientist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown (Australia) and President and Director Of Communications of The Australian and New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science Ltd. Period of collaboration in the Lab: 2004-2009


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