Action 1 - 2017 workplan
Posted on October 31st, 2016

The following main areas for action have been identified as critical steps to be accomplished during the first year of the project:
  • Active international dissemination (academic articles and conferences) of the characteristics and the potential of the GMA tool to enhance clinical prediction.
  • Complete ongoing studies on specific use cases (i.e. Catalan COPD registries, transitional care, etc…) exploring the GMA potential for enhanced clinical prediction.
  • Generate a complete practical example (i.e. COPD cohort) to validate a short-term strategic approach (contribution to enhanced clinical COPD stratification combining clinical and health surveillance datasets) and a medium-term approach (personalization of COPD management combining informal care, registries, clinical information and omics information) with the support of a Digital Health Framework (DHF).  

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